Are there ways to hide certain line items when end user click drill to transaction?


I have a query related to drill to transaction. any input will be helpful.

I have classic end user dashboard which has information related to employee. Dashboard only contains certain line items from module. but,when end user click on drill to transaction, it went to module and display all line item. I wonder is it possible to show only certain lineitems only?

Thank you


  • Hello@skarki,

    I am not entirely sure I understood the question, so I am going to provide an explanation of what I have understood. I hope it is close to you requirements. If it is not, please let us know a bit more, and even, perhaps, share any shots you may have.

    It looks like you have users drilling down on a line item that is showed within a classic dashboard. Once they drill down, they get to information that is meant to be hidden from there.

    If the above is correct, you could have two options depending upon how you have structured things:

    1. DCA: You could set up a DCA read by user on the line items that are meant to be hidden.
    2. Selective Access: You could remove the access to certain items in a list from the end users. However, assuming they need to see other line items in the same module, this does not seem optimal.

    I hope the above makes sense!

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez