Make Integration admin role available for visitors & partners

It's currently not possible to assign an integration admin role to visitors and respectively also not to Anaplan Partners.This makes it a challenge when helping customers with Cloudworks or when just setting up a scheduled model-to-model import.It requires always someone at the customer capable to set-up the connections.

As an Anaplan Partner or external model builder, I want to be able to set-up Cloudworks connections for customer tenants to support them through all phases in their Anaplan journey.

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  • Great idea! Customers many times want me as a partner to show the first time but that is kind of hard when you don´t have access...

  • This indeed would be really useful in order to have the possibility to help our clients with all Anaplan features.

  • Much needed feature for our Partner community to continue helping customers to use the latest features in Anaplan.

  • Very limiting for partners who often lead the setup of all integrations. Please update!

  • Enabling this functionality is important for partners setting up data integrations for customers. Please update on the progress here!

  • This feature would be very helpful and would save a lot of time when discussing integration admin and then testing implemented integrations.

  • This feature would be super helpful for assisting clients with setting up Cloudworks and integrations

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