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  • September 16, 2021
  • 2 min read

Freetrade uses Anaplan to optimize operations and manage costs

Freetrade is an award-winning investment platform that is on a mission to get everyone investing. It is a financial tech company that gives customers in the United Kingdom a “freemium” trade service that allows them to buy and sell UK and U.S. listed shares, ETFs, and investment trusts without paying any commission.

自2018年推出以来,自由贸易已经增长到rve more than 850,000 customers in the UK and is looking to expand into Europe by the end of 2021. That’s why, when Freetrade wanted to upgrade its financial forecasting and data processing systems, it seemed only logical that it would want to go with Anaplan, a business solution that is considered among the best in the digital space.

“Originally, we chose Anaplan to automate financial planning and analysis but over the past six months, we have expanded beyond finance,” said Jennifer Pearson, Treasury Manager at Freetrade. Empowered by Anaplan, Freetrade is now able to continuously adapt to industry changes, enhance business operations, and reinvent value creation to remain continuously competitive in today’s digital global economy. Anaplan allows Freetrade to link its business strategy to its execution and accelerate response time by connecting financial and operational plans, such as capital expenditures.

Ms. Pearson went on to explain how Freetrade now uses Anaplan to manage several other lines of business outside of Finance. The Anaplan platform is used for workforce management and recruitment, as well as for monitoring marketing performance, and soon Freetrade will leverage the platform to manage engineering costs.

Using Anaplan, Freetrade has realized several operational benefits, according to Ms. Pearson. “We spend our time differently,” she said. “We’ve moved from being a reactive enterprise to a proactive one. We can now do ROI analysis that we couldn’t do before.”

Freetrade was introduced to Anaplan by representatives fromBedford Consulting. Bedford has sold more Anaplan licenses in the UK than any other partner in the country and has been impressed by the progress Freetrade has made since signing on with the platform.

“We are proud to support Freetrade on their fintech growth journey,” said Paul Rawlinson, Chief Customer Officer at Bedford Consulting. “We’re delighted with the progress Freetrade has made as an Anaplan user in such as short space of time.”

Mr. Rawlinson went on to say, “Bedford and Anaplan are proud to offer Freetrade greater speed, flexibility, and transparency in their decision-making. The Freetrade DNA mirrors our own and we are honored to work with a candid, curious, focused, humble, and gritty organization during an exciting time of growth.”

Freetrade’s decision to use Anaplan is all the more impressive as it is one of the largest retail brokers by total trades executed on the London Stock Exchange.

To learn more about all the ways Anaplan can help drive business forward with the right data, insights, and planning, please visit//www.adhocstaff.com/customers.

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Anthony Harrison