Volumes for DATA02 SKU

Hi team,

I have mapped the data SKU.csv as per below screenshot.


And under DATA02 sku line items mapped volumes


However, only Jan 2019 and Jan 2020 data is visible in the sheet attached jpg, Please guide me with steps to rectify so that volumes are visible under each month.


  • @adarshbarodia

    Can you show us how the import file looks for you.

  • adarshbarodia_0-1614605472714.png

    I think my main problem was in this part where I was suppose to pull data from the DATA02 SKU volumes because of which I was not able to add the data because dimensions were different for REV02 and DATA02, can you guide me how to pull data in for this scenario.

  • Hi@adarshbarodia,

    You can pull the volumes data from DATA02 module. Add a line item and write the formula : 'DATA02 SKU Volumes'.Volumes and you will get the data from the DATA02 module.



    Riyaz Pasha

  • I Found my mistake it was in the selection of the date format beside the mapping table because of which only one month data was incorrectly accepted.

    Thanks team

  • Hello@adarshbarodia

    How did you correct that error of only the data of jan 2019 and 2020 are visible while other are not showing? i'm experience the same issue, and i think might the date format as well but i'm not sure how to fix it.

  • Hi can someone send me the csv file it says access denied

  • ChiVTK1
    edited May 28

    this is the import file.

    i'm experience the same issue but i'm not sure how to fix iit.

    Somebody please help to fix it.