Import Final Demand Forecast into DAT02 Module

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While doing this activity in the Conclusion course, I got stuck

Indeed, they are asking us to Import the Demand data into the DATA02 SKU Volumes module. But in the Level 1 model, there is not a module called data2.

So do we have to create this module? If yes which line item, what to put as page selector, rows or columns?

Then, once this problem solved, oepnin the module, click on import - connect to anaplan model - select your level 2 supply chain model - module - and then which module do I have to select?

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  • @ArthurRobbe

    Back those days 2019-20 we had to export INV05 module into Level 1. Please follow the instructions in your course and they might have mentioned it somewhere.

    Also if your Level 1 doesn't have DAT02 make sure that you create it by keeping the source module of Level 2 into consideration (by checking its dimensions). Here also instructions are equally important

    Hope that helps


    Miz Logix

  • @ArthurRobbe

    You missed it Somewhere . There's a module in Level 1 named DATA02 SKU Volume. By this DATA02 volume only you got the volume in REV02 Volume input. Go through the modules properly.

    And yes, there you need to import the SKU volume from supply chain.

    Go through the instruction properly and look at the hint i gave You'll get it.

    If any clarification needs let me know.

    Hope it helps for you.


    Jagadish Dash

  • Hi Arthur,

    Not quite sure if you resolved this issue but I seemed to have the same.

    The creation of DAT02 SKU Volumes was part of the Anaplan Level 1 exam where we were also asked to build a P3 SKU List. Retrace your steps to use the model you replicated for the exam as that should have it.

    Hope this helps.

  • I have very recently done again L1 and L2 and came across the same. Although I did rush I was pretty sure my L1 did not have SKUs.

    Then I noticed that at the beginning of the conclusion there is this section :

    If you cannot access your copy of the Level 1 Model Building FP&A model that you built and used for the Level 1 Model Building exam, you will need todownload a copy of the Level 1 Model Building demonstration model and modify it according to this Build Guide(opens in a new tab)before continuing.

    That's where in the build guide I could find the info for the creation of the P3 SKU and the DATA02 module.

    I don't recall these steps being part of the L1 exam but here is the reference that should unlock doubts (or maybe it's because I rushed through it).

    I wonder if maybe further updates to the training material could be out of sync ? I noticed there were several sections with broken links, for example, like the below.


    I hope this can help others