Run Process 9 Import Data from the Hub

Hi Team,

While I'm Running the process I'm getting error.

Please help me to run the process sucessfuly.



  • @Pavithra96

    In Your Supply Chain Model, Go to actions and your 9.2 action is not imported properly.

    so for that reason what you need to do is,

    1. Remove 9.2 action from process and then delete the 9.2 action

    2. As you can see the 9.2 action is imported into DAT01 of your supply chain, Go to DAT01 module and import then connect to anaplan, select your data hub module and then select the saved view Opening stock export. then map properly and the last tab of import map manually with shipping time then ok.

    3. Go to the Actions and Rename the last recent action as 9.2 import Opening Stock then add in the process as 9.1, 9.2(new one) and 9.3

    4. Now Run the process you'll not get any error and process will complete successfully.

    If still have any doubt and error let me know.

    Hope it'll helpful for you, if you get helpful with my answer accept my answer as Solution.


    Jagadish Dash

  • @jagadishdash

    Thank you, It works!

  • @Pavithra96


    Please accept my answer as solution in this question.

  • @jagadishdash

    Screenshot 2023-05-08 at 7.00.28 AM.png

    how to map filter or do i have to create same filter in the supply chain model


    For this import i don't think you need that filter line item to map anything. In the last line item tab you just ignore the Filter line item.