Forecas 2.3.10活动:创建需求t_unable to see FY21 data


As per process I have created DEM03 Demand Forecast Module.It shows FY20 data but FY21 data is missing in the data. Could anyone please assist me If I am wrong anywhere.

Please refer below screenshots.

required output-


I got below output -




  • Hi,@SupriyaH

    In DEM03 , for line line item baseline forecast , you are only calculating the volume for first year forecast and for other years it's 0. So update the formula to calculate for next forecast years.

  • Hello SupriyaH,

    Based on your formula, you are checking what weeks are connected with the 1st year forecast (IF 'SYS01 Time Settings By Week'.'1st Forecast Year?') and giving them some values (THEN 'DAT03 Historic Volumes'.'Offset Volumes for 1st Forecast Year').

    As you can see, you are defining what is out of the scope as 0 (ELSE 0), which means that you need to connect the data from the "Default Forecast" in the previous year with your next year (LAG or OFFSET).

    Hope that helps!

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • @ BrunoRodriguez
    Yes, I have updated formula and got required output.
  • @ BrunoRodriguez
    can you please confirm the formula here

  • @SupriyaH
    Can you please confirm the formula once